Hepburn Avenue Noise Wall Extension

I just wanted to provide the community an update on the Hepburn Avenue noise wall.

Hepburn Avenue is a road under the control of the City of Swan that opened in 2010.

At the time of construction the community called for a proper noise wall to be built with the road. Instead, a sand bund was built. The sand Bund was not maintained and did not provide adequate noise protection.

It also became a safety and security concern and I was approached by many residents to have a proper noise wall built.

That’s why at the 2017 state election I committed to building a noise wall from Marangaroo Drive to Bellefin Drive and then in the 2021 state election I committed to extending it further through to Alexander Drive.

Local residents had been campaigning for these noise walls for many years, I am very glad to have been able to deliver on my commitments for local residents.